About Us

The Glen Valley team has over 30 years experience in providing top quality service and results to homeowners and businesses in the Ottawa area


Smaller equipment allows the Glen Valley team to access hard to reach areas, with minimal disruption to surrounding terrain and landscaping.

The personal and professional pride taken in every job is evident. The team does great work and they are proud of it!


Whether you dream of a new pool, backyard or entryway, or if you simply need access to the right equipment to complete the job yourself; let Glen Valley Contracting help make your dream project a reality.


Glen Valley Testimonials


HI Sue and Glen!


I just wanted to let you know how thrilled Randy and I are with the pool. with the great work your guys did in getting it in and with the work MWS did with the stone interlocking. I’ll be busy for a few days replanting and reassembling my koi pond, but it’s happy work and especially so when one can take lots of dips as I work. If you want to come back next week and take photos, just let me know… I can also save you a trip and send you a few of my own too.


Again, we are super pleased with how everything has gone so far and want to thank you and your teams for such professionalism and attention to detail. You might want to leave me with some business cards as I’ve had much interest from neighbours and people I encounter in the park on my dog walks… seems people are VERY interested in the short install time and ability to get into small/mature spaces with minimal damage.


Ciao Bonita


Hi Sue and Glen,


We would just like to thank you so much for the installation of our pool. We are very happy with it and have been enjoying it in all this hot weathe


Thanks again, and I will send you some photos when the surround and fence are completed.

Have a great summer!